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WIGU's Student Resource Management Portal

For all your video video conferencing class management needs.

We know that you are affected by the government's directive to close your studios, and you are either on break or exploring the option of doing your class online, may i introduce to you our Online Streaming with /student Resource Management system.

There are many good options for online conferencing, but it lacks what education centers require most. Resource libary and student management*. Our system provides all these options, and the best thing, if you are already signed on third party online conferencing like Zoom, we can integrate and absorb the cost for you.

What our system provides:

  1. Enroll your student to specific programmes & centers

  2. Take attendance manually (e.g. if you are doing face to face classes, 

  3. Auto attendance taking (if they attended the Live session)

  4. Resource Library

  5. Create assignment and students can upload their completed assignments 

  6. Able to link URL of your cloud files (E.g. you can share class videos or pictures of that class session for parents to view)

  7. Able to link its Live conference function with other external online conferencing software, e.g. Zoom

  8. Able to customize the landing and log-in page to be consistent with your company's branding. 

  9. Referral system where customers can share their personalized QR code for their friends to scan and enroll from there.


Why use our system?

Our system is a holistic software that not only offering live broadcasting option, but also cost reduction, by digitizing and combining your administrative needs in 1 platform. All over developers are located in Singapore, therefore any technical issues can be resolved very quickly. At just $99/month/host (promotional price until June. Usual price of $199/month/host), we get the system up and running in 2 days. If you wish for us to help you migrate your current student profiles and courses to the system, we will also be able to do that at a nominal fee, so as to provide a fuss free experience, and allowing you to get back at what matters most; conducting classes.

Teacher's Dashboard - Add courses, Participatns, and schedule