In Muse Arts Music & Movement Programme, we re-inforces Muse Arts Methodology & Routine and introduce its foundation with Music. "Sound" plays a huge role in speech communication. Before a child is old enough to understand language, "sound" is their best guide to communicate and understand us. Experience first hand to see how sounds can "control" your child's behavior. Starting from 6 months to 3 years old.


A session of Music & Movement class starts off with Hello Song to help children settle down as they get the idea that Music class has started and ends off with Goodbye song to develop social skills like appreciation. At Muse Arts, we focus on a holistic teaching method focusing on character development. Repetition and routine are a part of Muse Arts Methodology as we believe in using Music as a form of Communication and Movement as a form of Expression. 


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Muse Arts Music & Movement Enrichment Classes (Worth $125)

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