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When I Grow Up's Student Resource Management Portal is the only tool you'll need to host your online programmes. Not just a web based software for video conferencing, it supports further important operational functions for schools like enrollment, attendance, homework submissions, course creation and many more ...

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for your customer

Students navigates to your classes in just 4 clicks.



for your brand

White labeling - Protecting the brand which you've built for years.



for your staff

Operationally easy. An all in one platform means its the only one you need.


Are you using multiple softwares to host your online classes?

We believe that this method of operations not only takes up a lot of your time (and time = $), but it also causes a lot of confusion and frustration to your paying customers who will need to learn to work with various platforms and are left wondering why things aren't streamlined for their ease of use. This will cause customers to start complaining and start losing interest in your classes.

As we had this in mind, we designed a system where it can be embedded or hyperlinked into your website. You can manage and upload all your lessons from there, and parents/students can find everything in one place. There is also no need for parents/students to download external software to be able to access this system.

  1. Supports online streaming

  2. Records and saves playback for future viewing

  3. Enrol your student to specific programmes & centres

  4. Auto attendance taking

  5. Resource Library

  6. Create assignment and students can upload their completed assignments 

  7. Able to link URL of your cloud files (E.g. you can share class videos or pictures of that class session for parents to view)

  8. Able to customize the landing and log-in page to be consistent with your company's branding. 

  9. Web based software allowing you to access your profile from different work computers

  10. Also supports other video plugin like Zoom and Google meets

Why use our system?

Our system is a holistic software that not only offering live broadcasting option, but also cost reduction, by digitizing and combining your administrative needs in 1 platform. All over developers are located in Singapore, therefore any technical issues can be resolved very quickly. At just $99/month/host, we get the system up and running in 2 days. If you wish for us to help you migrate your current student profiles and courses to the system, we will also be able to do that at a nominal fee, so as to provide a fuss free experience, and allowing you to get back at what matters most; conducting classes.

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